AVG AntiVirus – 2-Year / 1-PC – Global


Brand: AVG Technologies (End-User: New License)
Availability: In Stock
Media Type: Download
Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Requires Product Activation (we supply product key)


Outstanding antivirus defence

Automatic antivirus updates that shield you from dangers that are always changing. AVG’s research labs are always analysing online data to deliver new protections to keep you automatically protected as hackers create new techniques.

Antivirus, malware, and spyware protection

With the aid of our anti-virus technology, you are shielded against contracting a virus, worm, or Trojan horse or unintentionally spreading one. Traditional anti-virus software is the first line of defence since it prevents known dangers from entering your system by comparing them to a database.

You are shielded from spyware and adware that can monitor your personal data by AVG Anti-Spyware.

By checking files for dangers when they are copied, opened, or saved, AVG Resident Shield adds an extra layer of security and stops you from opening malicious files.

Protective Cloud Technology from AVG

AVG’s automatic updates to your anti-virus software detect emerging dangers “in the cloud” and stop them from infecting your computer.

Community Protection by AVG

Customers who choose to participate in our network information collection programme assist us to continuously uncover new threats, support the AVG community, and deliver the best anti-virus protection possible.

Identity protection from AVG

The conventional identity theft prevention software is far from what AVG Identity Protection offers. In addition to protecting you from online attacks, we can also detect potentially harmful activity on your PC and terminate it before it can cause any harm.


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