Finders Fee Agreements

Finders Fee Agreements: Understanding the Basics

A finders fee agreement, also known as a referral agreement, is a contract between two parties where one party, the finder, agrees to introduce potential clients or customers to the other party, the seller or service provider, in exchange for a fee or commission.

These agreements can be beneficial for both parties involved. The finder can earn additional income without having to provide a product or service, while the seller or service provider can expand their customer base with targeted referrals.

Here are some key components to consider when drafting and negotiating a finders fee agreement:

1. Payment structure: The fee or commission payable to the finder should be clearly stated in the agreement. It can be a percentage of the sale, a flat fee, or a combination of both. It is important to determine when and how the payment will be made, as well as any other expenses the finder may incur while making referrals.

2. Scope of services: The agreement should detail the specific services and products that the finder will be referring, as well as any limitations or exclusions. The seller should make sure that these offerings align with their business objectives and standards.

3. Obligations of the parties: Both parties should clearly understand their respective responsibilities under the agreement. The seller should be clear on how the referrals will be tracked and how they will be notified of any leads. The finder should ensure they are providing high-quality referrals that meet the seller`s requirements.

4. Termination and duration: Finders fee agreements typically have a specific duration and can be renewed by mutual agreement. It is important to have a clear understanding of how the agreement can be terminated and under what circumstances, and what happens with any outstanding referrals.

5. Confidentiality and non-compete: Finders may become privy to sensitive information about the seller`s business or customers, so non-disclosure and confidentiality provisions should be included in the agreement. Non-compete clauses may also be added to prevent the finder from competing with the seller`s business.

In conclusion, finders fee agreements can be a profitable way for businesses to expand their customer base and for individuals to earn extra income. However, it is important to carefully consider the terms of the agreement to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the arrangement. A well-drafted finders fee agreement can help to establish a strong business relationship between the parties involved.

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